LAPS (QC) “Soon Not Often In It” (Photo: Robin Goodine)

Single “Brunch” premiered 04/24/19 in Dominionated.
“Soon Not Often In It” premiered 05/17/19 in Cult Mtl.
Features in Crack, Some Party, Cups N Cakes, SMALL ALBUMS, & The East.
10x weeks charting nationally on !Earshot (Peak #2; #5 of July 2019).

The Drug Rugs (NS) “Sandbar” (Photo: Veronica Jorna)

Single “Sandbar” premiered 05/10/19 in SPILL Magazine.
Features in Austin Town Hall, Tinnitist, Buffablog, & The East.
Full album release campaign slated for Fall 2019.

Shivering Songs Festival 2019 (NB) (Photo: Kyle Albright)

Features in CTV Atlantic, CBC Shift, The Telegraph Journal,
Exclaim!, Grid City Magazine, FYI Music News,
The East, Strange Grooves, The Brunswickan, & The AQ.

Brookside Mall (NB) “Brookside Mall” (Photo: JE Sheehy)

Single “Twenty Thirteen” premiered 05/31/18 in Exclaim!
Features in Grayowl Point, Some Party, Ride The Tempo, & Grid City.
Eight weeks charting nationally on !Earshot + Top 200 of 2018.
Best of 2018: CJLO, CHSR, Halifax Is Burning, & Great Dark Wonder.

Brookside Mall (NB) “Preservation” (Photo: Michael Mohan)

Single “Preservation” premiered 02/27/17 in Exclaim!
Features in CBC, Exclaim!, Mixtape Magazine, Canadian Beats,
BRBR-TFO, Grid City, The East, The Brunswickan, & The AQ.